Spring Home Air Conditioning
 Air Conditioning & HVAC Inspection Checklist

By Air Design Services – Serving London & Strathroy for over 32 years!

Now that the long cold winter is finally gone and our thoughts turn to backyard BBQ and lazy summer days, it’s a good idea to inspect your Air Conditioner & HVAC system to ensure everything is working properly. The hot and humid weather of London, Ontario will soon be upon us so save yourself some last minute headaches and inspect your HVAC system now.

Air Design Services strongly recommends you have us inspect your Air Conditioner and HVAC system yearly, but there are lots of items a home owner can do to help their AC system work more efficiently and help to prevent damage. Many of the items below are included in an AC inspection that we perform at a reasonable rate! Why not let us do all the work while you sit back and relax!

Use this handy checklist as a guide to inspecting your homes air conditioner and HVAC system. It might just save you hundreds or thousands in costly repairs later!

Outdoor AC Unit Inspection

  • Before you begin your inspection and cleaning. Turn OFF power to the AC unit now!

  • Remove any winter covers or condenser shields.

  • Trim any grass or organic growth away from the AC unit. Ensure there is always plenty air circulation around the AC unit.

  • Remove all leaves or debris from the AC housing vents.

  • Cleaning your condenser. We strongly urge home owners to have Air Design Services clean your condenser. The power levels involved in your AC Unit can severely injure or kill.

  • Inspect the insulation on the pipes and replace any damaged sections. Do NOT add insulation to the smaller line. If the insulation is damaged or missing it may cause damage to the system or impede its ability to cool.

  • Check the concrete pad and make sure it is still level. Ground freezing and water can cause the unit to shift over time.

Indoor Air Conditioning & HVAC Inspection

  • Inspect furnace filter and replace as required. The furnace unit are the lungs of your homes HVAC system and needs to breathe. Dirty filters can cause circulation issues and force your furnace to work harder causing you additional energy costs.

  • Inspect the condensate lines (drainage) line for blockage.

  • Clean and inspect the condensate reservoir and ensure the float is free of mold. If your condensate lines, pump and reservoir are not functioning correctly it may cause water damage to your floors!

  • Dry and vacuum your dehumidifier filter. Keep your homes humidity level between 30%-50%.

  • Clean all supply and return vents in your home.

  • Inspect window and door seals to ensure they are tight and replace as necessary.

  • Clean bathroom fans.

  • Set any ceiling fans to operate counter clockwise to pull cool air up. Always turn off ceiling fans when you are not in the room as they only circulate air but do not cool it.

  • Now you are ready to turn on your air conditioning and test it!

Congratulations! You are now ready to fire up your air conditioning and enjoy your summer!

Air Conditioning warning Signs

It is very important if you detect any of the issues listed below that you contact us as soon as possible. Some issues may be minor and if we can correct them early enough it can save you thousands in repair costs later!

  • Ice buildup on coils.

  • AC Unit making loud or unusual noises.

  • Air conditioning never stops running.

  • Poor air flow or unintentional hot and cold temperature zones.

  • Excessive hydro bills.

All this can seem a little daunting to the inexperienced. That’s why you can count on Air Design Services to service and maintain your air conditioning and HVAC system in London & Strathroy. For over 32 years we’ve kept our customers cool and worry free!

Contact Air Design Services today for your air conditioning service, installation or maintenance.

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