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The Ultimate Side of Perfect Air

Not only is the SLP99V gas furnace part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, it’s part of the Ultimate Comfort System™. Which combines the best of everything Lennox has to offer to create an unprecedented whole-home comfort system that seamlessly and intelligently works together to stay finely tuned to your home and deliver consistently clean, perfect air.

Why do we recommend Lennox furnaces? Like us, they have spent years providing the very best they can to their customers. Quality products, industry-leading technology and warranty, installed by professionals at Air Design Services. A winning combination for any homeowner.

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SLP99V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

The quietest and most efficient furnace you can buy

Lennox S40 Thermostat

Smarter Together

The SLP99V gas furnace unlocks a world of connectivity. It stays finely tuned to your home by using sensors to react, diagnose, and troubleshoot—all while remaining in constant contact with your dealer to ensure proactive responses. Geofencing technology ensures your air turns on and off as you come and go. And the system even responds to the outdoor environment to adjust operation to account for factors like pollen and outdoor air quality.

Consistently Perfect

Precise Comfort® technology allows the furnace to keep the temperature held exactly where you want it. Heat is even throughout your home, with no cold spots. If it sounds perfect, it’s because it is.

Beyond Quiet

Even with all of its impressive power, this furnace is the quietest you can buy and has been engineered to run at variable speed to drastically minimize the sound of air kicking on or off inside the home.

We have higher standards.

Year after year, leading institutions choose to award Lennox for its innovative initiatives in product design which helps homeowners define what perfect air means to them. Below you’ll find a recognition this product has received.

Product Specifications


Energy Efficiency Up to 99% AFUE

ENERGY STAR® Certified


Stages of Heating


Quiet Operation

SilentComfort™ Technology and Fully Insulated Cabinet


Variable Speed

Enhanced Humidity Control


Blower Compartment


Air Filter and Humidifier Compatible


Ultra-Low Continuous Fan


Dual-Fuel Capable



SureLight® Silicon Nitride Ignitor

Parts Warranty

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection models come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. Furnace heat exchangers offer either 20-Year or Lifetime Limited Warranties. For more information, visit www.Lennox.com/WarrantyYourWay.

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