SL280NV Gas Furnace

Variable-speed, Ultra-low Emissions Gas Furnace.

First-in-class, lowest emission furnace on the market.

SilentComfort™ Technology and Sound Absorbing Insulation.


High quality, tough and dependable

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Built for durability and reliability, the SL280NV is made with a heavy-duty steel cabinet for a long, trouble-free life.

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Comfort you can feel good about

Along with the state of California, we’re leading the way with low-NOx initiatives and solutions. These NOx, or Nitrogen Oxide, emissions from gas furnaces produce ground-level ozone, which impacts the environment and your health. And we’re proud to say that Lennox is the first and only company to provide a full line of ultra-low emission furnaces.

Two-stage operation for more balanced temperatures

A step up from single-stage furnaces because its gas valve offers an additional lower setting. Most of the time the unit will meet heating needs at its lower stage, resulting in balanced and consistent temperatures with lower energy use. Should the low heat setting not heat the space quickly enough, the furnace will switch to the high setting. This ability to switch between the two settings offers greater comfort and efficiency.

Energy efficiency that adapts to your needs

  • Equipped with the most efficient variable-speed blower motor available with the ability to slowly ramp the airflow up or down to provide consistently even temperatures as it only produces the necessary amount of airflow at any given time. Plus, variable-speed motors can run at a continuous low speed which allows for better air filtration and humidity removal.
  • iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat compatibility allows you to adjust your heating for energy savings based on your family’s routine.
  • The standard 80% AFUE means the SL280NV can reduce your heating costs, compared to an older furnace.

We have higher standards.

Year after year, leading institutions choose to award Lennox for its innovative initiatives in product design which helps homeowners define what perfect air means to them. Below you’ll find a recognition this product has received.

Product Specifications & Features

Parts Warranty Dave Lennox Signature® Collection models come with a 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components. Furnace heat exchangers offer either 20-Year or Lifetime Limited Warranties. For more information, visit
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