iComfort® Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat

Monitor and adjust your home temperature from anywhere.

Works with premium Lennox® communicating equipment only.


Total remote comfort control

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We are a certified Lennox Premier Dealer

Wi-Fi capability makes it easy to adjust your home’s temperature and control energy costs from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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Compatible with your needs, and your system

When paired with premium Lennox® equipment, the iComfort Wi-Fi® holds the temperature of your home to within 0.5 degree of its setting. So you can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home.

Energy savings with a touch

The iComfort Wi-Fi’s one-touch Away Mode makes saving energy simple.

  • Leaving Home - The thermostat will reduce system output and energy use with just a touch.
  • Return Home - Touch the thermostat again when you get home, and it will restore normal heating and cooling schedules.

We have higher standards.

Year after year, leading institutions choose to award Lennox for its innovative initiatives in product design which helps homeowners define what perfect air means to them. Below you’ll find a recognition this product has received.

Product Specifications & Features

Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty

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November 6, 2023