iComfort® M30 Smart Thermostat

The simple, stylish and smart thermostat that you can trust.

Universal thermostat that works with non-iComfort-enabled and non-Lennox® products.


Efficiency at your fingertips

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We are a certified Lennox Premier Dealer

One-touch Away Mode on the iComfort® M30 overrides your regular programming schedule with a single touch and sets back your heating and cooling set points to save energy.

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Access your iComfort® thermostat from your choice of smart home systems

Our smart thermostats effortlessly integrate with a range of smart home devices—from premium smart home systems like Control4 to popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Smart energy use that keeps you comfortable

The iComfort® M30's Smart Away™ Mode uses the location services in your smartphone to detect when you're leaving, and automatically adjusts the temperature to a more energy-efficient setting. When you come home, Smart Away returns the system to its normal schedule and a more comfortable temperature.

Convenient comfort control

Remote control of your home's environment is easy with the iComfort M30. Monitor and adjust temperatures and schedules from anywhere in the world using the iComfort App and your smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device**. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

**Only when paired with Lennox premium equipment. See your Lennox dealer for details.

The ideal balance of temperature and humidity

The iComfort® M30's Feels Like™ feature creates the temperature you want to feel, not just the temperature you set—much like the "Feels Like" temperature in a weather report. So when you set it to 72°F, it feels like 72°.

We have higher standards.

Year after year, leading institutions choose to award Lennox for its innovative initiatives in product design which helps homeowners define what perfect air means to them. Below you’ll find a recognition this product has received.

Product Specifications & Features

Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
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November 6, 2023