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Air Design ServicesFurnace Maintenance Services in Strathroy, Ontario

In Strathroy, Ontario, don’t let a poorly maintained furnace leave you out in the cold! Air Design Services is here to ensure your furnace operates at peak efficiency year-round. Our expert maintenance services not only prolong the life of your heating system but also help you save on energy bills and avoid costly repairs. With our skilled technicians, state-of-the-art tools, and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for your home. Act now! Schedule your furnace maintenance with Air Design Services and experience the peace of mind that comes with a perfectly running heating system.

Contact Air Design Services for your next furnace maintenance in the London and Strathroy area and rest easy in your comfortable home for years to come.

Four-Step Furnace Maintenance Process by Air Design Services

Initial Inspection and Safety Check:
Our journey begins with a thorough inspection of your furnace. The Air Design Services team checks for any signs of wear and tear, ensuring all components are functioning correctly and safely. This includes examining the heat exchanger for cracks, checking the ignition system, and ensuring there are no gas or carbon monoxide leaks.
Cleaning and Efficiency Enhancement:
Next, we meticulously clean key components like the blower, heat exchanger, and filters. This step is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of your furnace, ensuring it runs smoothly, and improving indoor air quality. Removing dirt and debris also prevents potential breakdowns and extends the life of your system.
Performance Tuning and Calibration:
Our technicians then fine-tune your furnace. We adjust the burner and test the thermostat to ensure accurate temperature control. Calibration is essential for optimal performance, helping to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home.
Final Review and Preventative Advice:
To conclude, we conduct a final review of the entire system and provide a detailed report of our services. We also offer expert advice on simple maintenance tasks you can perform to keep your furnace in top shape. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide ongoing support.