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Fall Heating Checklist
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Inspect Your Heating System Now and Prevent Costly Future Repairs.
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If you find any issues resulting from this checklist, contact us for a free home consultation.

Sadly London, it is getting to be that time again. The leaves are turning colour and the nights are getting longer and colder. Be proactive about your homes heating health and do a quick inspection of your furnace with this handy checklist.

One word of caution: Always have a heating and cooling inspection done by a professional heating company London at regular intervals. Having your furnace serviced and checked regularly not only saves you a bundle with preventative maintenance, but it could prevent serious health issues. For example; a cracked heat exchanger can leak dangerous levels of CO2 and cause severe health issues, or possibly even death if it is not discovered and repaired.

Homeowner Heating Inspection Checklist

  1. Examine the inside of your furnace’s flue with a flashlight. You are looking for any kind of moisture buildup. Lightly tap the furnace to see if any corrosion or rust falls. This could be a warning sign you do not want to ignore. Contact a professional heating company London if you discover any moisture, rust, corrosion or soot.

  2. Check for any leaks in your heating systems duct work by mixing up a bit of dish soap in a bowl and brush it on the seams. Any bubbles that appear can indicate an issue that needs fixing.

  3. Change your furnace filter. A dirty furnace filter forces the furnace to work harder and less efficiently which in turn costs the owner more money.

  4. Replace the batteries in your thermostat if it uses them. Having a thermostat stop functioning while on extended holiday can be disastrous.

  5. Clean any outside intake air vents to ensure they are free of any debris or nesting insects that may cause issues.

  6. Make sure all vents in the house are open and free of obstacles.

  7. If you have a boiler check the radiators for any leakage or damaged floors that could indicate an issue.

  8. Check that the furnace works before it gets cold! Every year we get calls from panicked customers who tried to turn on the heat during a frosty night only to find out it wasn’t working. Save yourself the stress and turn it on prior to the weather turning really cold.

Download & print the fall heating and furnace checklist.

Please note this is just a quick homeowners inspection that covers the very basics and should NOT be used as a replacement for qualified professional heating inspections. Contact us today for a FREE home consultation.

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September 9, 2019