Reduce Energy Overhead
Commercial Rebates in Ontario
Reduce Energy Overhead

Replacing your companies current HVAC system can be expensive but worth the return on investment over time. We know how hard it is to reduce your overhead so why not make the move now, save money over time, and do something positive for the environment. Don’t forget; any changes to your current HVAC system that helps save energy and move to a more green alternative can be used as a great talking point in advertising to your clients. Luckily, if you are looking to replace your current system or installing a new high efficient system to a new building development there is no better time than right now. There are a number of valuable rebates to help reduce some of those long term fixed costs no matter what type of project you are undertaking.

Consumption Programs

You may have heard about the peaksaverPlus for home owners as an easy and inexpensive way to reduce your energy costs but it is also available to those businesses that consume less than 50kW per year. If you own a small business that meets the requirements you can receive a Free Energy Display just for enrolling in a program that helps you save money, how cool is that! The Energy Display will show you how much energy you are currently consuming, what the cost is for that consumption based on the current energy prices and even how much energy you can save by turning appliances off. Please check with us or your local utility company to ensure your area of the province is participating in the rebate program.

Demand Response

If you own or operate a large scale business or manufacturing faclility you may qualify for participation in the Demand Response DR3 program. The Demand Response program will compensate your facility for reducing it’s power consumption at peak times when demand and prices for energy are high. This can save you money and also help reduce demand at critical peak periods.

AC Units

If you are looking to replace your current roof top unit, saveonenergy has some fantastic rebates on now until Dec. 31. Replacing a 3-7 ton unit could qualify your business for savings up toReduce Energy Overhead a $1000.00.

HVAC Retrofit Programs

Retrofitting your business to a high efficiency HVAC system can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Unfortunately paying the costs of doing a complete retrofit of your business HVAC can cost you bundle. Once again the people at saveonenergy can help you save a bundle of money by helping cover up to 50% on your retrofit costs.

In an effort to make submitting your program incentives a lot easier, you now can submit your rebates to your local utility provider.

If you have any questions regarding these incentive programs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember to always use qualified and insured installation technicians to avoid any future legal issues whenever making changes to your current HVAC system. At Air Design Services in London Ontario we offer high quality workmanship, make sure the job gets done with minimal down time and with professional installers all at reasonable prices.

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September 9, 2019