Avoid Furnace Repair
Avoid Furnace Repair

Every home owner knows how expensive having to pay for furnace repair London Ontario is so during your next home renovation project take these simple steps to avoid costly furnace repairs later. Most home owners don’t realize the long term damage that can occur to your heating and air conditioning system from the buildup of dust. Think about how difficult it is for you to breathe in a dust filled room, your HVAC system is no different.

Before you start any renovation project take the time and have a heating and air conditioning expert look over the plans for you. We would be happy to help you with your reno project. Contact us. Spend a few dollars now to save yourself thousands later!

Close off those registers! If possible cover the registers to prevent dust from entering the system. Depending on the length and size of your renovation project try not to cut off too much of your heating and cooling system environment. If you are not sure, have a professional look at it. We can’t stress that point enough, if you are not 100% sure, have a professional inspect it for you.

Try and keep the dusty jobs outside or in the garage. Avoid the problem entirely!

Keep your area dust free whenever you can. Clean at the end of each day to help keep the dust from circulating around your home.

Try not to run your furnace whenever possible. We know sometimes it is unavoidable but the less time dust has to circulate through your system the better!

Change that furnace filter! Depending on the length of the renovation you may want to change it once or twice during the actual renovation phase, at the very least, you have to change it at the end of your renovation project. If it was a particularly messy project have your ducts inspected and cleaned.

If you continue to view your heating and cooling system as you would the human respiratory system you get a pretty good idea how important it is to keep it healthy. We want you to avoid costly furnace repair in London Ontario and continue to have a healthy functioning HVAC system for years to come.

Remember to give us a call (519) 963-0572 or contact us if you need any furnace or air conditioning repair, inspection or installation. We are here to help!

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September 9, 2019