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Keep your cool in London, Ontario with Air Design Services, your dependable partner for comprehensive air conditioning maintenance. Imagine uninterrupted comfort and optimal cooling performance throughout the summer, without the worry of unexpected breakdowns. Our expert team provides meticulous maintenance services that extend the life of your air conditioning system, enhance its efficiency, and reduce your energy costs. Trust us to keep your system running smoothly with regular checks, cleaning, and proactive repairs. Don't wait for the heatwave to strike; take action today with Air Design Services and ensure your air conditioning system is in peak condition for those hot summer days.

Our advanced air conditioner systems are highly efficient and will save you money on cooling costs. Available for any type of home configuration and a variety of price points to suit any budget!

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Four-Step Air Conditioning Maintenance Process by Air Design Services

Thorough System Inspection:
Our maintenance service begins with a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioning system. Air Design Services' technicians check all critical components, including the compressor, condenser, evaporator coils, and thermostat, to identify any potential issues or wear and tear.
Cleaning and Efficiency Optimization:
We proceed to clean key parts of your air conditioner, such as filters, coils, and drains. This cleaning is vital for maintaining optimal efficiency, improving air quality, and preventing common problems like clogging and overheating.
Performance Testing and Calibration:
After cleaning, our technicians perform detailed performance testing. We calibrate the system for optimal cooling and efficiency, ensuring that your air conditioner operates at its best. This step includes adjusting refrigerant levels and testing airflow.
Final Assessment and Preventative Recommendations:
To conclude our maintenance process, we provide a full assessment of your air conditioner's health. Our team offers tailored advice on how to maintain your system effectively and identifies any potential issues that might require attention in the future, ensuring you're prepared for the entire cooling season.