30 Air Conditioning Hacks Keep Your Home Cool & Save MONEY!

These 30 AC hacks will keep your home cooler and could save you hundreds of dollars in yearly air conditioning costs! Please remember to have your HVAC system serviced by a professional at least yearly. Preventative maintenance is the best thing you can do to avoid expensive system failures.

Remember to test your air conditioning BEFORE the hot weather arrives and the HVAC companies are at their busiest! Read our AC inspection checklist if you’re turning on your system for the 1st time this year.

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WARNING: We strongly recommend you have the condenser & other internal items on this list done by a professional. AC Units have enough power to kill!

  1. If you have a ceiling fan, use it! Just make sure to blow the air DOWN (counter-clockwise). This will have a cooling effect on your skin!

  2. Close off doors to the lower levels to prevent cool air pooling on lower levels.

  3. Ensure you have a proper seal on your windows & doors. For the price of weather-strip, this is can give you a BIG return on lower costs!

  4. Clean your condenser unit (professionally)! A plugged condenser forces your A/C unit to work harder!

  5. Clean all debris or bushes blocking air flow around your air conditioning unit.

  6. Have your air conditioning serviced by a professional. Simple seasonal adjustments or repairs can prevent large repair expenses!

  7. Open your doors or windows when the air is cooler at night or early morning.

  8. Turn your thermostat up at night or when you’re away.

  9. Replace your old air conditioner. You can save up to 60% on annual cooling costs by replacing your old A/C unit.

  10. Close your drapes during the day. This will keep your home cooler during the hottest times of the day.

  11. Ensure you keep all your vents clean and ensure they are not blocked by appliances or furniture.

  12. Replace dirty furnace filters. The harder it has to work to circulate air, the higher the costs.

  13. Shade your condenser unit. Be sure nothing restricts airflow to the unit, however.

  14. Use screened storm doors to allow for ventilation during cooler times of the day or night.

  15. Switch to fluorescent or LED lights. Not only will they save you money on lighting costs, but they also generate very little heat.

  16. Keep your oven preheating times to a minimum. Many of us turn the oven on only to return 30min later.

  17. Plant trees or shrubbery to shade your home. Natural shade can keep your home significantly cooler.

  18. Make sure you have proper attic ventilation. Proper attic ventilation will keep your home cooler & reduce roof issues!

  19. Installing reflective solar screens or window film can significantly reduce your home’s heat.

  20. Place window fans in upper story windows & blow the heat out. Open lower windows to pull cool air throughout the home.

  21. Use exhaust fans while cooking. Many only use fans when cooking smoky or strong-smelling food.

  22. Use your bathroom exhaust fans when having hot showers.

  23. Keep your AC fan speed at low unless it is exceptionally humid outside.

  24. Use aluminum tape to seal duct joints.

  25. Wait until night to run dishwashers or clothes dryers.

  26. Air dry your dishes.

  27. Use a clothesline to air dry your clothes.

  28. Do not place lamps or other heat sources near the thermostat.

  29. Insulate your water heater. This will also reduce your water heating costs!

  30. Turn off your gas fireplace pilot light.

You can significantly reduce your cooling costs by using these tips (or even some of them!)!

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This post was written by allan

September 9, 2019